First Responders

Police & First Responders

Exacting response

Arriving first to the scene to render safe a suspect package to device, makes special demands on any professional responder. This is particularly relevant for any First Responder making a high pressure bomb disposal response.


We therefore recognise those we work with have a different levels of training and experience with dealing with a suspect package. Perhaps you may be a fire fighter or perhaps you are one of a team of people who does an amazing job in this realm of working in Explosive Ordnance Disposal.


Get trained to deploy

Whatever the case, let us talk you through the right equipment for your needs. We also offer comprehensive training in the UK or in-country should you wish to explore this option. You need to be reassured of the reliability and capability of our products.


Bespoke products

Using our considerable experience, we advise clients on specifying complete systems and assist them in their implementation. Typically this may be public places such as:

  • an event
  • mass transit location like a station or airport
  • places of worship
  • shopping centres or similar


We aim to work with First Responders and equip them with specialist equipment such as our REBUS Electronic Countermeasures (ECM). Hence, this is important, should they come face to face with the result of a terror threat or attack, conducting their everyday duties.

REBUS 2 and original REBUS options:

  • pop-up tent
  • ballistic tent
  • blast bin
  • inflatable tent
  • or as a blast blanket solution.


Tested for reliability

Kirintec’s collection of cutting-edge products is steadily growing, rigorously tested for reliability, safety of the user, ease of use and adaptability.


Finally, we won’t sell it unless we are confident it is the best. Your safety is always paramount, which is why we aim to equip First Responders with the best equipment we can.