Government organisations

United in approach with Government Organisations

First off, we are united in our strategic approach.


We are happy to work closely with allied Government departments, since we seek to drive forward partnerships and maximise synergies. Our team is here help with necessary support such as advice and technical know-how when it comes to product training. Importantly, this allows you to use our bespoke equipment we have programmed:

  1. confidently
  2. safely
  3. and effectively.


Tactical understanding

Government departments commission us for research projects. Our innovative products may be helpful for those:

  • deployed overseas to defend
  • in a strategic intelligence
  • looking to support personnel in crisis situations.

Most of all, we have an intimate understanding of the equipment that Police, Customs and Military teams need – what they actually have and how they use it.


Realising each country adopts their own methods, this makes unique demands on their equipment used. Most noteworthy is that we pride ourselves on understanding the threat to help advance your response.


NSN numbers

Any ‘friendly’ country on home turf or overseas, should be aware we are here to protect their interests. Of particular interest to those working in North American Government’s might be our products are available on the GSA Advantage website. Please source them under GSA contract: GS-07F-0373W. In conclusion, please talk to the team, we are always here to help.