Meet Wendy our Senior Layout Designer

This month we would like to introduce our Senior Layout Designer


Wendy Hanks works in our world-class engineering team, here at Kirintec. We asked her some quick fire questions and here is how she answered them – equally succinct in her reply. You can see she is packed full of Hanks wit and charm in her Layout Designer responses:


Can you sum up in less than twenty words, what a Senior Layout Designer at Kirintec does? (And no, you can’t use lays out designs either!)

I layout printed circuit boards (PCBs) and write build documents for our equipment to be assembled in the factory.


What do you like best about working for Kirintec?

I like the can-do attitude and being part of an innovative team, who are creating world class kit.


If you weren’t in your current career path, what job would you be doing?

Shelf stacking!


Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions – and have you kept them if so?

No resolutions – one can’t improve on perfection!


What do you do when you are not in work?

Shopping, reading and watching football.


Our Engineering team play a song of the day, what will be your next request?

If I ruled the world – the Tony Bennett version


Who would play you in a film made about you?

Melissa McCarthy


If you could have a super-power what would it be?

Mind-reading (working with engineers this would be very useful!)


If you won a holiday, where would you wish to go?

I would go to the USA first class from coast to coast


What made you last laugh out loud?

Banter at work. It is often very amusing


Have you met anyone famous, if so who?

Snooker player Steve Davis


Who would be your dream dinner party guest (dead or alive is fine)

Daniel Craig, but preferably alive!