Solidarité or solidarity

Solidarité or solidarity is phraseology we are too familiar with now – perhaps for the wrong and tragic reasons.


As we have already relayed, Kirintec is in Paris for the next few days and we are attending the Milipol Show with our friends from Scopex on stand 5K013. This opens to the delegates from tomorrow, 17 November. We plan to join and commend this solidarity.


Working in the defence and security sector, this exhibition has extra poignancy and we expect that it may not attract as many visitors this year given this weekend’s events in Paris.


That said, I still felt compelled to attend. It was never an option for me personally not to. It really is a case of not letting anyone win and that the Show quite literally must go on.


However, last night like so many thousands of others I headed to Notre Dame for the special service attended by VIPs.


While I was not on the list of approved guests, it was important to pay my respects and represent Kirintec.


I stood amongst so many others from around the world who were intent on doing the same witnessing candlelit tributes, messages and genuine compassion among people who had been strangers a few hours prior.


It was all incredibly moving and a real solemn evening. Please join us still at Milipol if you can. We are there from Tuesday until Thursday 09:30 – 18:00.


My thoughts continue to be with everyone affected by the blackest Friday of November.