Talking 2 Minds

It seems our very own Technician Adam Heath has even more strings to his bow than we thought. He also volunteers for the charitable organisation Talking 2 Minds.


This is a specialist group who work with those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or as it is sometimes referred to PTSD. They also focus on helping those with conditions such as stress, fear, anxiety and anger issues.


The group work with those who served and indeed the organisation’s founder Bob Paxman was former 22 SAS.


Sufferers can feel very alone. Perhaps unsurprisingly there is an increasing number of PTSD sufferers from our heroes in service, ex-armed forces and emergency services personnel. Talking 2 Minds places value upon ‘like helping like’.


With Adam’s affiliation with the defence and security industry coupled with his personal interest in how mental illness affects others, we are really proud to promote a cause that is so close to his heart.


To make a donation do so here, or if you are a veteran affected by any of the issues you may wish to reach out and send an email to Talking 2 Minds directly.