This leap year, take a leap of faith!

Today, Monday 29 February is a leap year.


This means you have an extra day 24 hours to be enjoyed during 2016.


The reason we have an extra day every four years is because the actual time it takes the Earth to rotate the sun is 365 days and a quarter (365.24 days to be exact – okay so I had to look this up to be sure).


Today is the day we get the calendar back in sync with the movement of our planet.


Considering 29 February, did you know:

1.       The unwritten rules of a ‘Ladies’ privilege’ – should you get a marriage proposal, is that she should be wearing a red petticoat as part of her attire or her offer isn’t valid

2.       Those who set the calendars by sporting events may realise it is not a coincidence that the Summer Olympic Games are always held in a leap year. This year all eyes will be on Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro

3.       In the same way, the US presidential elections are always held in a leap year


So where does the leap in the leap of faith part of my story? Well it isn’t to insist you say ‘yes’ should you have an option one proposal.


Those who read my regular blogs will know that my tale always twists back to us. The leap of faith is a nod to those customers who have decided to work with us.


We are a unique forward thinking organisation, where I have worked previously I have been very used to profiling case studies and testimonials from customers who have been more than happy to sing our praises or take to social media to highlight the great customer service.


This is the first organisation where I can’t do so. Our customers are anonymous. We respect this. However it does feel strange to not share our success stories, as believe me I would be putting at least a weekly post out there if I could.


So if you are using the extra day to consider working with us, then I would urge you get in touch and talk to the team about your requirements – take that metaphorical leap of faith.


Our products are the best. Our team are superstars and our customers are our priority.