To understand the threat is vital

At Kirintec we understand the threat to help advance your response.


We offer a flexible modular jamming system which can swap out matched signal sources, amplifiers and antennas with new versions.  Equally our jamming technology allows a module to be added or changed, so the user can concentrate on a particular set of frequencies. It is this ability to understand the threat that is making such a tangible difference to our customer base.


The ability to add high band modules is particularly significant as the 4G threat increases. Our range of electronic countermeasures (ECM) is some of the best, if not the best in the industry. Find out more about:


If you choose Kirintec, you aren’t just buying a product off the shelf.  You are buying a bespoke solution that is offered with the support of industry specialists.


Some of our team have faced threats first-hand; others have the engineering know-how to give you peace of mind. We offer in-country training and excellent after-sales care to make sure that you are not only technology ready, but also new threat ready, should your customer requirements change.


Our team is here to help – challenge us with your query today.