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Our mission

We're a team of specialists who  provide innovative solutions for the defence community.  Our combined experience means  we are able to offer world-class solutions in the fight against global terrorism and organised crime.

Understanding the threat

Doing so helps to advance your response; we draw upon our detailed knowledge of current threats and tactical realities. We offer an outstanding service that includes products, training and advice. At Kirintec our range of original products harness the  latest scientific ideas and agile manufacturing developments.

REBUS inflatable tent

This innovative product was devised following the Boston Bombings in response to a USA Government requirement.        The REBUS inflatable system is ideal for assisting with relevant threats within crowded public places. As a wearable light-weight, discrete solution, it is neatly contained within a backpack, with the inflatable tent ready to deploy by a First Responder in approximately 1 minute.

Watch the video or ring + 44 (0) 1989 568 350 to find out more.

Kirintec Limited of Ross on Wye HR9 5PB is registered in England & Wales with the company number 6699502

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