K-CEMA NEO – Man Portable System

K-CEMA NEO is the first of its kind and includes the ability to
detect signals anywhere in the EME between 20 MHz and 6 GHz.

K-CEMA NEO – Man Portable System

Key Features

  • Hybrid jamming against RCIED and UAS threats
  • Compatible with GVA Open CPI and JICD 4.2
  • 45 Watts output power

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 335 mm x 95 mm  x 265mm (excluding Antenna and power)
  • Weight: 8Kg (excluding Antenna and power)
  • Operating Frequency: 20 Mhz – 6 GHz


The following accessories are compatable with K-CEMA NEO man portable

Remote Control Unit

The K-CEMA Remote Control Unit (RCU) is designed to provide equipment status and easy operation of the system from the crew compartment of the vehicle

Confidence Test

The CTS allows maintainers and users to ensure the correct RF output is being transmitted by the K-CEMA system prior to deploying on a mission.

Fill Gun

The Fill Gun Device (FGD) is a robust device designed to allow maintainers to upload mission fills to K-CEMA systems.


XCHANGE allows users to simultaneously communicate through inhibition through the addition of a plug in patch